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Fiammetta Corvi,
pianist with sensitivity and spirit

Fiammetta Corvi is a higly skilled and passionate pianist who fell in love with the instrument at the age of three. Her interest in the piano began when she visited acquaintances who owned a grand piano and was captivated by its presence. After ten years, Fiammetta began her studies in Como and then in Brescia, where she graduated in 1997. Her love for the music of Mozart, Chopin, Brahms and Liszt continued to grow, and she became increasingly interested in specializing in piano performance.

Fiammetta’s studies took her abroad, where she attended masterclasses in France, England and Milan. In Milan, she received lessons from renowed pianists such as Aldo Ciccolini and Paul Badura Skoda. In 2002, she attended specialization courses at the Jean Philippe Rameau Conservatoire in Paris, which proved to be a crucial experience for her development as a pianist. She met prominent musicians in Paris, such as violinist Pierre Hommage, clarinetist Paolo Beltramini, and pianist Yves Henry, who further expanded her musical horizons. Fiammetta continued her training in Brescia with Maestro Riccardo Bettini and Maestro Fabio Bidini.

Fiammetta believes that playing the piano is a continuous process of research and discovery. Her humble attitude, combined with her determination and love for music, has allowed her to achieve important milestones in her career. Since 1997, Fiammetta has performed in many cities across Italy and beyond, including St. Moritz, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, and Minsk, among others. She has gained widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

For Fiammetta, playing live is the greatest satisfaction, as it allows her to convey emotions through music. She compares the pianist’s role to that of a sculptor who creates a statue from a block of marble, shaping a musical work through their interpretation. In addition to her concert work, Fiammetta is also a piano teacher who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others. She believes that playing the piano is a discipline that opens the mind and the heart, and she adores teaching it.

Cavaion   2011
Olgiate Comasco 2017

Overall, Fiammetta Corvi’s story is one of love, passion, and dedication to the piano. Her extensive training and experience, combined with her humility and wonder for music, have enabled her to become a highly respected and sought-after pianist and teacher.