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Pianist and teacher of pianoforte: a life in music

A sensitive heart.
A spirited performer.
An engaging teacher.

“Music makes us see the world through new eyes.”

In 1986 Fiammetta Corvi first approached the pianoforte and from then on her life was changed forever. A musical journey made with commitment and sacrifice, she has studied in Brescia, perfected her technique in France and England and undertaken international tours.
As well as conveying her love for the pianoforte to her students.

A pianist constantly seeking

“Just when you think you understand everything about the pianoforte, you realise there is still a universe to discover.” Fiammetta Corvi is a winning mix of talent, humility and a constant wonder for music.
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Pianoforte lessons

Would you like to learn to play the pianoforte?
Fiammetta Corvi will convey her love for the instrument and for music.
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Concerts and events

Brescia – Passadori | Date to be defined

Varazze (SV) – Varazze è Lirica | Date to be defined

Erbusco (BS) – Pieve di Santa Maria | Date to be defined

Roma – Chiostro di Campitelli | Saturday 25 July 2020 8.30pm | Music: Chopin – Liszt

Carate Urio (CO) – Castello di Urio | Saturday 18 July 2020 8.30pm | Music: Chopin – Liszt

Saronno – Ospedale – Donatori di musica | Thursday 7 November 2019 5pm | Music: Mozart – Schubert – Say – Chopin – Brahms

Featured video

Short excerpt from the concert of Erbusco – Villa Trebucchi-Ferrari – Presentation of the new CD “Rossinian Dreams”

Concerto for piano and orchestra in D major by Haydn performed with the orchestra dell’Assunta in Vigentino in Milan